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The demand for energy and resources is continuously increasing, driving governments and organizations to play a crucial role in developing policies, strategies, and technologies that reconcile economic growth and environmental responsibility. Therefore, effective energy and sustainability management is of key importance to the metals and processes industries, with decisive influence on their cost efficiency and carbon footprint.


To increase and sustain competitiveness, industrial organizations must continuously invest in improving their processes, culture, and technology to identify inefficiencies, eliminate waste, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Vetta has a competence center for industrial digitalization based in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, with a focus on efficiency, productivity and sustainability. Since 2001, Vetta has consolidated a strong presence in the metallurgical industry, offering digital transformation solutions based on advanced technologies developed by Vetta itself or integrated from other suppliers.

Vetta also specializes in artificial intelligence, including data-driven models for efficiency, planning and process optimization. Aligned with the SMS group's Learning Plant vision, the Vetta team develops cutting-edge solutions for industrial customers around the world, providing digital products, custom applications and consulting services. Vetta's solutions adhere to the highest standards of performance, user experience and interoperability, while improving troubleshooting tuning and providing faster time to deployment. Vetta aims to collaborate loudly and intensely with its customers to create superior and sustainable results.

Viridis Energy & Sustainability Suite

The solution for optimizing energy efficiency, planning, and management

The Viridis Energy & Sustainability Suite is an integrated solution for energy, resource, and sustainability management that has been extensively proven in steelmaking, mining, and other energy-intensive industries. Viridis directly contributes to the effective implementation of operational efficiency, optimized planning, and integrated management, delivering rapid and tangible results and enabling a cycle of continuous improvement.

Viridis provides a single source of truth for energy and resource data and utilizes IIoT, Big Data, and Machine Learning to identify and eliminate waste. Viridis also enables an ecosystem of applications that can be used to address specific challenges, such as energy optimization, emissions reduction, and sustainability reporting.

Here are some of the key features of the Viridis platform that make it the future of energy and resource management for steel and metals companies:

Ready-to-use industrial data connectors: The Viridis platform comes with a set of ready-to-use industrial data connectors that facilitate the connection to your plant's data sources. This means you can start using Viridis immediately, without spending time and resources developing your own data connectors.

Data layer for data cleansing and standardization: This ensures that your data is consistent, which is essential for accurate reporting and analysis.

App ecosystem: The Viridis platform is open and extensible, meaning it is a living ecosystem, and new applications are constantly being developed to enrich the ecosystem and tackle new challenges. All applications leverage the robust common platform provided by Viridis, so you can be confident that your data will be secure and your analysis will be accurate.

Improve the energy efficiency of industrial processes

Reduce waste

Improve energy conversion

Reduce carbon emission

Discover some of the applications from the Viridis platform:

  • How can I improve operational efficiency? Viridis Performance provides support to customers in analyzing the performance of thousands of assets across multiple locations in real-time, determining baselines, and assessing the outcomes of efficiency initiatives.
  • How can I optimize gas and energy flows? Viridis Dispatch specifically addresses the challenge of optimizing the dispatch of gases and steel vapors in integrated plants.
  • How can I enhance emissions and carbon management? Viridis Carbon is a digital solution that can assist industrial plants in tracking their carbon emissions in real-time. This information can be used to identify opportunities to reduce emissions, enhance energy efficiency, and achieve sustainability goals. Viridis Carbon also calculates the carbon footprint of products, aiding companies in making more informed decisions about their supply chains.
  • How can I boost process efficiency? Viridis Process supports decision-making in continuous improvement projects and real-time operations. It enables predictive analyses that simulate the outcome of performance KPIs under different conditions.
  • How can I optimize network operations? Viridis Grids provides real-time monitoring of measurements and detects abnormal behavior in real-time, including potential leaks and instrumentation failures.
  • How can I improve energy planning and contract execution? Viridis Contracts is a digital system that manages the execution of actual contracts and also provides simulations of different ways to execute simultaneous contracts for various resources.

Vetta also boasts an industry-expert team to deliver a comprehensive solution to our clients, enabling the evaluation of our clients' energy maturity and defining an initiative program.

Vetta also has a team of industry experts to provide the complete solution for our customers, allowing us to assess our customers' energy maturity and define a program of initiatives. Vetta's services team provides a site-wide assessment to map and analyze energy and resource consumption and emissions for each defined process, quantifying scenarios for potential energy efficiency and carbon footprint reduction initiatives.

The analyzes consider standard operating procedures, basic maintenance, evaluation of KPIs, as well as best available practices, best available technologies and reference processes to search for configurations capable of producing the ideal production batch (golden batch). In conclusion, a set of efficiency initiatives are identified, analyzed and quantified, resulting in a roadmap that steelmakers can use to support their investments and execution.

Vetta is the ideal partner for steelmakers aiming to achieve sustainability. With Vetta's solutions, steelmakers can reduce their environmental impact, enhance their financial outcomes, and prepare for the future.

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Viridis Process
Viridis Dispatch
Viridis Contracts
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