iconPlant-wide solution, including all energy & resource flows.

The difficulty in tracking dozens of energy & resource flows, determining the results of efficiency initiatives, and the inability to track operational events and analyze the performance of thousands of pieces of equipment scattered across one or multiple sites are some of the challenges approached by Viridis Performance.

This application provides an integrated energy and resource tracking application, collecting vast amounts of low-level data and providing performance management capabilities with KPIs, targets, events, alarms, and efficiency initiatives. It also delivers a single source of truth for information about all energy flows and all relevant pieces of equipment available.

Increased efficiency accountability across the organization
Increased transparency and governance of energy & resource utilization and efficiency metrics
Reduced energy & resource waste
Improved energy & resource efficiency without equipment modification or production disruption
Enforcement of process standardization and operational know how
Measurement and verification of efficiency initiatives
Support for process certifications such as ISO 5000


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