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  • Is your organization prepared for Digital Transformation?

    Through the intensive use of technology, Digital Transformation proposes to improve results of organizations, increasing their effectiveness, reducing waste, and enabling new business models that can expand your operations. These technologies are change agents capable of transforming organizational structures, cultures, and operations.

    With a comprehensive portfolio of products and services, Vetta Business Technology is capable of supporting your company in implementing these solutions, whether they are custom projects or services based on technologies available for purchase or on the Software as a Service (SaaS) model. The use of accelerated platforms, Agile methods, and rigorous project management practices allows us to provide rapid delivery with high quality within the agreed schedule and budget.

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Applied Computational Intelligence
Applied Computational Intelligence
Set of sophisticated technologies such as machine learning, evolutionary computation, dynamic simulations, and stochastic methods for analysis and creation of quantitative models capable of recognizing patterns and making predictions with a high degree of accuracy, whether for business events, computational systems, or industrial operations.

Vetta has more than 17 years of experience in developing artificial intelligence solutions in a wide range of technologies, scales, and markets. Vetta's multidisciplinary technical team is highly qualified, including certified professionals with postgraduate, masters, and doctoral degrees in a variety of fields. Vetta uses mature methodologies and processes that confer reliability and predictability in the execution of projects of this nature.

Application As a Service
Application as a Service
IT investments have traditionally been made by purchasing projects or licensing software by acquiring perpetual licenses, which become assets in the company's accounting. Vetta offers the possibility for you to replace this investment with annual subscription services, which are treated as operational expenses. Change your investment from CapEx to OpEx and reduce your company's taxable income.

Using an innovative approach, Vetta brings the Software as a Service model (SaaS), used today in place of buying perpetual licenses of commercial products, to the development of custom software. Using our high productivity development platform, we are able to develop custom applications from standardized software artifacts, guaranteeing features and a level of quality for your product only found up to now in commercial products.

Consultoria de TI
IT Consultancy
Consulting services specialized in processes, methodologies, and information technology capable of supporting process design, convey knowledge and methodologies, or support the design of solutions to technical problems of moderate to high complexity.

Vetta has a highly qualified multidisciplinary technical team with experience in projects involving a wide variety of technologies and levels of complexity; our team can bring all of its technical knowledge and experience in processes, technologies, and methodologies to our customers.

business intelligence
Business Intelligence
The practice of Business Intelligence (BI) greatly contributes to more efficient management in organizations. Current solutions combine the use of modern tools and methodologies that allow the visualization of information in a more autonomous, intuitive, distributed, and flexible, associating the execution of projects with delivery of results in a short period of time.

Vetta has vast experience in BI projects. Vetta's technical team is composed of experienced professionals who are technically qualified in the tools most used in the field. This technical knowledge, combined with experience in a variety of projects, allows us to develop the best technical solutions appropriate to the needs and demands of our customers.

Serviços SAP ECC
SAP ECC Services
Vetta's evolutionary and corrective maintenance services for SAP ECC, using best practices and Agile processes and methodologies, provides constant evolution for your ERP system so that your organization can maximize return on the investment already made in your SAP platform.

Vetta has a technical team highly qualified in the SAP ECC and NetWeaver platforms. With extensive experience in the various modules of SAP EEC and the NetWeaver platform, Vetta is able to to mobilize all of its knowledge and experience to guarantee the success of your project and of the maintenance of your SAP environment.

DevOps is the combination of practices of development (Dev) and operation (Ops) of software through a new philosophy capable of increasing the speed of organizations in the delivery and improvement of applications and digital assets for customers.

Our approach to automation of the development and operation cycle is anchored in the use of platforms, methodologies, and tools capable of automating and monitoring all of the phases of creating, integrating, testing, versioning, and commissioning of environments. In this way we have been able to reduce the time and expense needed for development and evolution of applications, achieving gains in quality, reducing time between releases and making the final product more robust.

Rapid Deployment App
Rapid Deployment App
Utilization of a mature, stable, and high-productivity platform able to develop systems in less time and at lower cost, with high quality and the use of modern technical resources, addressing a wide range of problems.

Using integrated platforms for the creation of custom software, Vetta rapidly develops custom applications, natively integrating mobility resources, Business Process Management, and Business Intelligence. These custom applications are able to handle large volumes of structured and non-structured data.

Integração de Aplicações (EAI)
Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)
Integration of enterprise applications using current and efficient methods and tools for communication between systems based on a wide range of technologies. Thus your company will eliminate rework, integrating your information in real time, streamlining your business processes, reducing costs, and increasing the quality and reliability of your information systems.

Using the modeling process and the estimation of integration points developed and refined by Vetta over the years, Vetta is able to plan and execute integration between the widest variety of systems, using modern techniques and tools, guaranteeing robustness, scalability, and loose coupling.

Internet das Coisas
Internet of Things
Using our integrated platform for developing distributed applications, it is possible to capture and store, in real time, a vast amount of information originating from a wide range of intelligent devices (machines, sensors, meters, etc.) connected physically or wirelessly (WiFi, cellular, or satellite). Starting from this stored data, complex processes can be performed on demand in real time, generating knowledge and insights for your business, monitoring and executing actions relevant to your operation.

The massive connectivity of the Internet of Things (IoT) opens a new field of possibilities, stimulating the creation of innovative products and services, enabling new business models, revenue flows, and greater insights into already existing processes.

Corporate Mobility
Corporate Mobility
With the popularization of the use of smartphones and tablets, organizations have increasingly been forced to adopt specific mobility strategies to streamline their business processes and differentiate them in the market via a unique experience for their customers and users.

Since our main focus is on the User Experience (UX), where simplicity and usability, combined with elegant graphic design, are the main drivers of our projects, Vetta develops custom mobile applications for a wide variety of technology platforms capable of streamlining your organization's business processes and providing functional and pleasant interaction to your customers.

Serviços SAP Netweaver
SAP NetWeaver Services
Development of solutions on the SAP NetWeaver platform, using all of its resources efficiently, integrating people, processes, and information.

Vetta is a partner for SAP services, with extensive experience in the SAP NetWeaver platform, in particular its innovation and expertise in projects involving SAP BPM, PI, and WAS.

Big Data Analytics & Data Lakes
Big Data Analytics & Data Lakes
New set of tools and methodologies capable of offering company managers precise access to a vast volume of information, continuously updated and in the right format to support decision-making at strategic, tactical, and operational levels. In this way your company becomes more competitive and more efficient, reducing risks and reducing your costs.

Vetta has professionals specialized in Data Science, enabling the development of solutions capable of not only understanding what has happened, but also seeing correlations and creating optimizations and predictive analyses. This has allowed our customers to improve their operational results, using more assertive decisions that would not previously have been possible given the large volume of information to be analyzed in a short time.

Portais (Sharepoint MS)
Microsoft SharePoint
The SharePoint platform has a long list of resources applicable for the constructions of portals, intranets, and websites, as well as for the creation of a framework for rapidly automating business processes and creating applications. The efficient use of these resources provides high-quality corporate solutions, saving time and cost for projects.

Vetta has extensive experience in the SharePoint platform since the 2007 version of the tool, undertaking projects to develop portal solutions (intranets and websites), document management, workflow automation, systems integration, version migration, and development of custom solutions.

Desenvolvimento Sob Medida
Custom Development
Custom development of information systems supported by Agile methodologies and a wide range of modern technologies, providing new solutions with rapid delivery, easy maintenance, great longevity, and integration with other customer products and systems.

Vetta has more than 17 years of experience in developing custom solutions in a wide range of technologies, scales, and markets. Vetta's technical team is highly qualified, with certified professionals who have post-graduate, masters, and doctoral degrees. Vetta uses mature methodologies and processes that confer reliability and predictability in the execution of your projects, ensuring compliance with the agreed timeline, budget, and quality level.

Automação de Processos (BPM)
Business Process Automation (BPM)
Automation of business processes, involving the phases of modeling, automation, monitoring, and improvement of processes. This practice contributes significantly to improving the management and execution of business processes, enabling the company's results to be leveraged, reducing costs and improving the performance and execution of processes.

In its portfolio Vetta has large-scale process automation projects, developed and maintained by a highly qualified team. The Vetta team has command of the principal BPM platforms in the market as well as Certified Business Process Professionals (CBPP) who are able to model and automate the business processes in your organization.


Long-term partnerships with leading-edge technology providers

Parceiro SAP

SAP Services Partner

SAP Services Partner for development, project implementation, maintenance, and integration of environments based on SAP technologies. Expertise in optimization and strategic consulting in processes and operations.

Parceiro Microsoft

Microsoft Partner

Development, implementation, and business consulting for solutions using Microsoft platforms, with main competences in: Portals and Collaboration, Business Intelligence, Software Development, Content Management, Search, Project and Portfolio Management.

Parceiro IBM

IBM Business Partner

Partner for sales, development, and implementation of IBM solutions and software.

Parceiro Informática

Informatica Business Partner

Partner in the supplying, development, and implementation of Informatica applications and tools.