Managed Services

  • Outsourcing
  • Is your IT team prepared to support the new challenges of your organization?

    The complexity of current IT environments, where legacy and ERP systems, analytical solutions and software coexist in the cloud and in complex architectures makes it impractical for companies to maintain their own IT team having all of the experience required. Not to mention the need to keep this knowledge up-to-date with software updates and technologies yet to come.

    IT managers face a great challenge to maintain the high service levels required to support day-to-day operations. Within a budget that is oftentimes reduced, strategic decisions are frequently made about which services to outsource and which to provide internally.

    With flexible and personalized solutions for organizations of different sizes and segments, our customers can focus on their core competencies, with Vetta Managed Services as the partner to support the entire life cycle of customer applications, complementing their team and providing software factory services.

Portfólio Managed Services


Applied Computational Intelligence
Support - AMS
Application Management Services (AMS) allow IT areas to rely on a partner able to offer a trained technical team and a mature process for performing continuous maintenance of their software assets. This relationship model brings many benefits, such as freeing your company's IT team to focus on creating value for the organization, with services supported by service-level agreements (SLAs), in addition to greatly increasing the capacity of the organization through a structure with high quality and low costs.

Vetta offers methodologies and processes tested and approved by many clients over the course of more than 17 years of experience. When establishing a process dedicated to a customer, Vetta AMS provides great flexibility to match operations to the technical and commercial requirements of the customer.

Application As a Service
IT Assignments
The assignment of professionals specialized in the execution of demands of various scales, planned or unplanned, is part of the daily life of IT departments. Count on a partner who is highly prepared to support these demands collaborating in the management, planning, and execution of the activities of IT departments without the burden of hiring professionals with a wide range of skills.

Vetta has agility in understanding the needs of the customer, in addition to rigorous criteria for the evaluation and selection of its professionals. Candidates are subjected to technical and behavioral evaluations to verify their fit to the profiles needed. We are highly dedicated to supporting professionals assigned to customers, providing administrative and back-office support so that they can perform their activities effectively. We regularly perform performance assessments with all of our teams and feedback sessions for client stakeholders.

Consultoria de TI
Software Factory
The Vetta software factory, certified CMMI Level 3 since 2007, is able to perform the technical functions related to the maintenance and development of software. In this way IT can focus on supporting your organization's operations, understanding the needs of each business area, and work strategically to find innovative technological solutions to leverage the company's results.

The Vetta software factory delivers its products according to the unique features and needs of each organization. Through standardized processes supported by automation tools and a continuous requirement for improving productivity and quality, we help our professionals maximize their potential to reduce delivery times and costs at each step of the software development cycle.