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  • Smart Industry
  • Is your company prepared for the 4th Industrial Revolution?

    An intelligent industrial operation makes intensive use of technologies to respond to ever-increasing customer demands in terms of the products and services offered, in an increasingly competitive market.

    The intelligence introduced by software technology in the point-to-point production process allows a large volume of operational data from connected and monitored equipment to be collected and analyzed rapidly, allowing automation of assertive decisions capable of reducing human errors and reducing consumption and waste, increasing operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

    With a portfolio of comprehensive and innovative technical solutions, Vetta Smart Industry is able to support your company on the path to transformation in the quest for intelligent industrial operations.

Portfólio Smart Industry


Applied Computational Intelligence
Industrial Analytics
Set of technologies and methodologies for data analysis and inference of high-level information that allow the creation of models, indicators, and other types of information to support decision-making processes.

Knowledge in technologies and models of analysis, combined with experience in projects in a wide range of industrial sectors, provide strong qualifications for Vetta Smart Industry in the development of Industrial Analytics solutions, contributing all of their know-how in the development of innovative solutions with high added value.

Application As a Service
Factory-floor integration
Integration of factory-floor systems with enterprise applications using current and efficient methods and tools for communication between systems based on a wide range of technologies. This your company will eliminate rework, integrating your information in real time, streamlining your business processes, reducing costs, and increasing the quality and reliability of your information systems.

Using the modeling process and the estimation of integration points developed and refined by Vetta over the years, Vetta is able to plan and execute integration between the widest variety of systems, using modern techniques and tools, guaranteeing robustness, scalability, and loose coupling.

Consultoria de TI
Industrial Big Data e Data Lake
The use of technology for storage and processing of large quantities of data by using a Big Data platform for the creation of Data Lakes with different types of data enables the generation of quantitative and qualitative models to increase operational efficiency, optimizing production processes, reducing production costs, and improving product quality.

Vetta has professionals specialized in Data Science, enabling the development of solutions capable of not only understanding what has happened, but also seeing correlations and creating optimizations and predictive analyses. This has allowed our customers to improve their operational results, using more assertive decisions that would not previously have been possible given the large volume of information to be analyzed in a short time.

Serviços SAP ECC
Energy Management
Energy and utilities management for large consumers, including tools for increasing energy efficiency and improving planning and management capacity. Market pressures for greater operational efficiency and supply crises in energy inputs make energy efficiency an increasingly relevant topic for senior management.

Viridis Energy & Resources Optimizer is a complete solution for energy and utilities management, developed exclusively for large energy consumers. The software provides sophisticated engineering tools and artificial intelligence technology to increase control over processes, even in real time. It also includes advanced management models, integrating the perspective of the factory floor with corporate management.

Management of the execution and operation of industrial production, focused on production, maintenance, quality, and stock, in accordance with standards such as ISA-95. Specific integration solutions for the operations of each company, directed toward performance improvements that complement and improve integrated management systems (ERPs) all the way up to final production.

With years of experience in the development and construction of MES/MOM projects for a variety of industrial processes, Vetta Smart Industry develops innovative and efficient solutions using its process know-how and the most current technologies.

Rapid Deployment App
Industrial IT
Vetta Smart Industry has a team specialized in industrial solutions capable of undertaking projects involving production management, industrial automation, and real-time performance, resulting in operational improvements and associated financial gains.

The development of industrial IT solutions includes extensive integration with factory-floor systems, including direct connections to machines and robots. Vetta's experience with industrial management, combined with the technical capacity of Vetta's team, allows industrial IT solutions to be commissioned rapidly and assertively, bringing significant improvements in operational efficiency to industrial processes.

Internet das Coisas
Industrial Mobility
Commissioning of industrial IT solutions in mobile devices, whether data collectors, tablets, or smartphones, intended for use in industrial production environments.

Strategies for mobilizing the workforce are currently an urgent need. Seeking agility, economy, flexibility, and other benefits, the Vetta team is able to provide mobile solutions using a wide range of differentiated technologies and solutions.

Corporate Mobility
SAP NetWeaver platform tool that provides a complete environment for developing industrial solutions, capable of integrating production equipment and processes with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

Vetta is a reference company in projects involving the SAP MII platform. With their knowledge of industrial processes, combined with the experience and technical expertise of its company in the SAP MII platform, Vetta has completed highly complex projects for world-class companies in Brazil and abroad, including for SAP itself.

Serviços SAP Netweaver
Applied Computational Intelligence
Set of sophisticated technologies such as machine learning, evolutionary computation, dynamic simulations, and stochastic methods for analysis and creation of quantitative models capable of recognizing patterns and making predictions with a high degree of accuracy, starting from data obtained from production processes. In this way it is possible to anticipate failures, predict the best time for performing equipment maintenance, and optimize process yield, reducing costs and increasing plant productivity.

Vetta has more than 17 years of experience in developing artificial intelligence solutions in a wide range of technologies, scales, and markets. Vetta's multidisciplinary technical team is highly qualified, including certified professionals with postgraduate, masters, and doctoral degrees in a variety of fields. Vetta uses mature methodologies and processes that confer reliability and predictability in the execution of projects of this nature.

Portais (Sharepoint MS)
Industrial Automation
Specialized in providing solutions for large organizations, Vetta designs, develops, implements, and supports industrial automation solutions. Industrial operations in a large organization are supported in corporate IT systems and production support systems, integrating automation technology (AT) and information technology (IT).

Vetta has a multidisciplinary team able to work on industrial projects covering both AT and IT. Vetta's experience combines all management of mature IT processes with knowledge of and experience in MES/MOM projects, robotic automation, PIMS, LIMS, and IIoT, and Vetta is able to deliver a turnkey solution to industrial companies.

Non Destructive testing (GEND)
Test Management
Destructive and non-destructive tests are processes often used in industries that allow verification of production quality. Information systems for managing processes of this nature produce an enormous amount of information that is normally little used by companies.

Applying Big Data and mathematical models to analyze this information, we can attain a new level of analysis of test results, bringing far more precise, flexible, and assertive, thereby contributing to a more efficient decision-making process.

Automação de Processos (BPM)
Industrial IoT
Technology for massive interconnectivity with many types of devices, used to collect data from multiple sources, including time series, contextual information about sites and equipment, and legacy systems, opening enormous possibilities for using data generated in an industrial plant in an unprecedented way.

Starting from modern work processes and vast expertise and experience, Vetta is able to employ IoT concepts and technologies to solve problems in a wide range of industry scenarios.